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EasyCruit 16.3 Release


EasyCruit continues to deliver customer value through its new releases, providing features that make the user experience more efficient and enjoyable. EasyCruit 16.3 is currently scheduled for release on Wednesday 16 March at 17:30 CET. The process will last up to three hours. During this time there may be some unavailability of the EasyCruit service. Features in the 16.3 release include:


Feature Availability

Data Extraction enhancements

  • New Candidate profile questions extract
Available as part of the EasyCruit Analytics Pack.
Improved duplicate candidate visibility
Available to customers that have activated the Duplicate Check feature.
Additional fields populated with CV Parsing information Available as part of the EasyCruit Mobile Candidate Pack.

Save candidate application enhancements

  • Automatic email notification to candidate when application is saved
  • More columns available for the Saved applications list from Career Center
Available for configuration to customers that have activated the Save candidate application to Career Center feature.

Application Templates and Vacancy Templates usability improvements

  • Ability to set and change the template's department
Available to customers that have configurable templates.

A number of solutions are also included in this release, and details are listed below.

Data Extraction enhancements

New Candidate profile questions extract is available in EasyCruit. This extract includes information about candidates including candidate details, Self Classification – Candidate profile questions and HR Classification – Candidate Profile questions.


Improved duplicate candidate visibility

Duplicate candidates list has a new column that shows for each candidate the list of vacancies they belong to as well as the department.


Additional fields populated with CV Parsing information

Candidates applying with their CV/resume file will have 2 additional fields pre-populated with CV Parsing information: Date of birth and CV picture. Also, these 2 fields will be pre-populated when candidates are using their CV/resume file information to update their Career Centre CV.

The fields will be populated if the candidate has the information in their CV file, and the questions are included in the application form or Career Centre CV form:.


Save candidate application enhancements

If Save application in Candidate Career Center feature is activated, a new response email can be setup so that the candidates receive a notification email each time they save an application. The notification email can contain career center login details as well as vacancy details.

The new response email template is called Candidate Application Saved and it can be configured on department and language level as well as vacancy level.

The following merge fields are available and can be added to the response email template and to the vacancy response email:

  • {advertisement-active-to-date} - posting end date of the vacancy for which the candidate saved the application
  • {company} - company name
  • {department} - vacancy's department for which the candidate saved the application
  • {department-disclaimer} - department email disclaimer of the vacancy for which the candidate saved the application
  • {family-name} - candidate surname provided for the saved application
  • {first-name} - candidate first name provided for the saved application
  • {middle-name} - candidate middle name provided for the saved application
  • {gender-specific male="" female="" unknown=""} - salutation depending on the candidate gender provided for the saved application
  • {link} - generated link for candidates to reset their password
  • {position} - title of the vacancy for which the candidate saved the application
  • {username} - candidate username for accessing Career Center
  • {name} - sender name configured for the department of the vacancy


As a further enhancement, for the list of saved applications from Career Center, there are 2 more columns available to be displayed. These 2 columns contain information regarding Vacancy Application Deadline and Vacancy Posting End date. This information will allow the candidate to see by when they have to submit their saved application.


Application Templates and Vacancy Templates usability improvements

Administrators can now select or change the template's department when creating an Application Template or a Vacancy Template. This will prevent adding the template to the wrong department.

Also, the template's department can be changed when editing an Application Template or a Vacancy Template. This allows to easily move templates from one department to another and make sure they are available to the vacancies from the intended department.


In the list of Application Templates and list of Vacancy Templates, the department filter is made more usable allowing administrators to quick search.



Solution number Customer number Issue description Solution description
EC-836 326928 Unable to delete uploaded file to an additional questions from Various tab when editing the candidate CV. Resolved
EC-810 322642
Posting dates change when posting a vacancy using IE8 or IE9. Resolved
EC-763 318999 In the Vacancy List, the View column is sometimes showing wrong numbers. Resolved
EC-746 317349 Unable to send email if the sender name contains a comma. Resolved
EC-744 317983 Application not saved for candidates that already have a user account. Resolved
EC-723 315606 Wrong ISO language code is preventing candidates to apply. Resolved
EC-663 310617 Unable to import employees with special characters in their names.


EC-658 306241 Department is moved when administrator edits the department and he does not have access to department's parent. Resolved
EC-472 290028
When editing a Vacancy Ad, the Previous Vacancies list takes too long to load. Resolved
EC-354 279278
Duplicate candidates created when clicking submit application several times. Resolved
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