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EasyCruit 16.2 Release


EasyCruit continues to deliver customer value through its new releases. EasyCruit 16.2 is currently scheduled for release on Wednesday 24 February at 17:30 CET. The process will last up to three hours. During this time there may be some unavailability of the EasyCruit service. A number of solutions are included in this release, and details are listed below.


Browser support for Internet Explorer 8

We would also like to inform you that during May 2016, with the release of EasyCruit 16.5, we will withdraw support and compatibility testing of Internet Explorer 8.
Microsoft had announced the end of Internet Explorer 8 support since 12 January 2016, therefore we are not able to support Microsoft’s technology beyond their own support commitment.
We do not expect current functionality of EasyCruit to be impacted in Internet Explorer 8, any reported issues by Internet Explorer 8 users will need to be reproduced on Internet Explorer 9 or above, or one of our other supported browsers from May 2016 onwards.
To get the full benefit of EasyCruit 16.5 we recommend that customers use one of our supported browsers. The full list of compatible browsers can be found at here.



Solution number Customer number Issue description Solution description
EC-817 323497 Unable to send Portable CV to a candidate in case his name contains special characters . Resolved
EC-749 318900

Unable to open a document from Documents / Notes section that was added for a confirmed duplicated candidate.

EC-789 321567 Issue in IE11 when adding a link from HTML editor. Resolved
EC-823 322263 Unable to upload pictures in the response emails. Resolved
EC-827   PDF documents generated for NOARK are empty. Resolved
EC-799 323207 Duplicated employees created if button button "Save and Next" is clicked several times. Resolved
EC-713   Searching for a reference number which does not exists through CandidateSearch method results in all candidates to be returned. If the reference number doesn't  exist, CandidateSearch method from EasyCruit web services returns no results.
EC-678 311840 Answers to questions are removed when editing the candidate CV in a language in which the question is not translated. Resolved
EC-689 313925 Contact user phone number is cut off in case there is no country code when contact user is added to the vacancy. Resolved
EC-830 323983 Unable to send Matrigma test to candidate. Resolved
EC-833 Unable to add candidates to project. Resolved
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