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EasyCruit 15.7 Release


EasyCruit continues to deliver customer value through its new releases, providing features that make the user experience more efficient and enjoyable. EasyCruit 15.7 is currently scheduled for release on Tuesday 14 July at 17:30 CEST and will last up to two hours. During this time there may be some unavailability of the EasyCruit service. Features included in the 15.7 release include


Feature Availability

Easier vacancy creation

  • Reduced number of steps
  • Improved usability in navigation

Available to all customers upon release.

Integration with sourcing analytics tools (Ontame and Tamo)

Graphical visualisation of sourcing channel performance, from number of candidates applying from each source through to what channels result in hires.

Available as part of the EasyCruit Analytics Pack.

Requires customers to use Ontame or Tamo analytics.

Additional URL parameter in the application URL to capture the original source of the candidate's application.

  • Send the application URL to other sourcing channels and trace back as the application source.
Available to all customers. Users can use this new parameter when needed.

A number of Solutions are also included in this release, and details are listed below.

Easier vacancy creation

Administrators and users with access to create vacancies will now see the enhancements when creating a new vacancy or editing an existing vacancy.

Create vacancy

  1. At the top of the pages, a progress bar will show to the user the list of steps and advancement in the vacancy creation process.
  2. Next / previous buttons added at the top of the pages allow for simple navigation between the steps without the need to scroll down.
  3. Number of steps is reduced by combining more information on one page, and the steps are re-organised to make it easier for the user:
    1. Title and Region combines Title step and Region step 
    2. Departments and Contacts combines Department step and Contacts step 
    3. Project Profile is added if customer uses this feature. Previously, this was called Classification – Project Profile Questions.
    4. Vacancy Ad combines Vacancy Template step and Vacancy Ad step
    5. Application form stays the same
    6. Screening show Additional Questions step and Screening Criteria step
    7. Collaborative rating is now part of the vacancy creation process
    8. Response mails stays the same
    9. Approval stays the same
    10. Posting stays the same






Edit vacancy

The number of steps is reduced to reflect the order of steps from vacancy creation:

  • Title and Region is now in one page 
  • Departments and Contacts is now in one page 
  • Vacancy combines Vacancy Template page and Vacancy Ad page
  • Classification – Project Profile Questions is renamed to Project Profile.


Cancel / Save buttons added at the top of the pages allow for simple navigation without the need to scroll down.



Integration with sourcing analytics tools

EasyCruit has additional integration partners Ontame and Tamo as sourcing analytics providers.

Candidate sourcing information is gathered in the application forms and combined with candidate status information in the sourcing analytic tool.




Additional URL parameter in the application URL

Users are able to append to the application URL a new parameter called "source". User can then send the enhanced application URL to external sourcing channels.

The source parameter value will be set as the application source of the candidates applying via this enhanced application URL.

Click here for the list of sourcing channels that are available to use as source parameter. In case the sourcing channel you need is not in this list, please contact Customer Success Team.


The source parameter is available for application URL of the vacancy posted to a career website or external posting channel.


For example, for the below application URL, add source parameter "&source=linkedin" before sharing it on LinkedIn. The candidate that applies via the enhanced application URL will have the application source set to LinkedIn.






The source parameter can also be added to vacancy job description URL and will be automatically added to the application form when candidate clicks on the ‘Apply’ button. If you wish to use this feature, please contact Customer Success Team.

For example, for a vacancy that is posted to your career website, you would like to run a banner campaign or event campaign on website. Add to the job description URL the source parameter "&source=altinget", then use this enhanced job description URL for your campaign on website. Candidate applying to the vacancy using the enhanced URL will have the application source set to "".






Solution Number Customer Number Issue Description Solution Description



Job Agent email doesn’t put matching jobs on a separate line




If a department is selected before accessing cut-e exam results, the list of candidates is not shown.




Tutorial bubble for ‘search’ doesn’t align with the right hand search box.




Default profile picture if no candidate picture uploaded doesn’t display correctly




When sending out an interview invite to a candidate, the selected recruiters also receive a notification regarding the interview.

This email currently contains a dot after the date as per below:

17. May 2015

The dot is not required for many languages


Dot now only exists for the following languages

New Norwegian
Swiss (German)



The following emails were not HTML editable

  • Invitation to Service-F
  • SHL assessment invite
  • cut-e assessment invite
  • Invitation to Matrigma test
  • Invitation to MINT
  • Notification to non-updated candidates
  • Pending further action report
  • Collaborative rating
  • Approving of vacancy
  • Vacancy expire alert
  • Contract email
  • Portable CV
  • Application received letter
  • Application rejected letter
  • Start publication email
  • Stop publication channel

Emails are now HTML editable if customer has HTML emails

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