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EasyCruit migration to Visma hosted environment

Update - 23/04/2017

The migration to our new data center has been completed and all customer are now live on the new platform.


We are however currently experiencing problems of receiving test results from SHL and Assessio. We are working on fixing this as soon as possible and will keep you updated on this page.


Update 24/04/2017 09:30 CET: We are now receiving test results from SHL and Assessio again. These results are however only from new tests and any tests that has been run by candidates during Saturday afternoon and Sunday has however not yet been updated in EasyCruit. We are currently working on fixing this.

Update - 11/04/2017


As part of the migration to the Visma hosted environment, there will be changes in the way EasyCruit handles the Sender Policy Framework for emails that you write in EasyCruit.


An SPF record will be created on the Visma hosted environment and it can be included as part of your own SPF record to avoid having to list the individual entries. Here is an example: 

"v=spf1 a mx ~all"

Please note that any old record should not be removed until after the migration has taken place.

Update - 28/03/2017


As previously announced, the migration of data from Lumesse to Visma's hosting environment is in progress. The migration of the pilot customers has now successfully been completed.

Based on experience gained from the pilot period, we see that the time calculated to migrate is longer than originally anticipated.

The planned down-time has therefore been changed to Saturday 22.4 16:00 - Sunday 23.4 06:00 CEST.



In 2016 Visma acquired EasyCruit from Lumesse. After thorough preparation we are finally moving EasyCruit from Lumesse to Visma's hosting environment. The migration will happen in stages from mid March to mid April.

The EasyCruit service will be available during the migration period, with the exception of a planned downtime Saturday 22.4 16.00 - Sunday 23.4 06.00 CEST. Important updates and status of the migration can be found on this page.

You as a customer should not be affected by this change, unless you have white-listed the EasyCruit email server IP in your SPF record or firewall/spam filter. After the migration, the email server IP address will change and you will need to update any white listings with the new address. The IP address will be announced in advance of the migration 22th of April.

We ask you to go to: Visma Trust-Center/Transparency for updated information regarding our hosting environment and processing of data.Please ensure you share this information with all relevant users and your IT department. If any questions - contact your account manager or support.

New mail server IPs

As EasyCruit is being moved to Visma's hosting environment, the mail server IP will change at the time of migration.

All customers currently utilising SPF records to confirm EasyCruit as a valid sender must add new IPs to their SPF record. This is a manual change done by your IT administrator. The old IP,, must not be removed until the migration has taken place.

The additional IPs can be added at any time from now on. To ensure that there are no interruptions in the emails sent from EasyCruit, this needs to be done by the 21st of April.

The new IPs are:

As part of this migration, an SPF record has been created that can be included instead of adding the individual IPs manually. Example of how to include this: "v=spf1 a mx ~all"

Please note that any old record should not be removed until after the migration has taken place.

DNS Propagation


As EasyCruit is being moved from one hosting provider to another, all the servers in the system will be given new IPs.

It is expected that the propagation of the new IPs to DNS servers will take place during the downtime and therefore not cause any issues to our customers.

However, there are possibilities that certain servers have not received the new IPs or that a customer uses locally cached DNS records. In these scenarios it might be a need for a customer to clear the local cache or use an alternative DNS server until their normal one has been updated.

New IPs for outbound traffic


As EasyCruit is being moved from one hosting provider to another, all the servers in the system will be given new IPs.

This includes the servers that make outbound connections, e.g. job board integrations and assessment integrations.

Compared to how EasyCruit operates today, the connections will come from a range of IPs rather than a single one. If white listing is being conducted by the integrating partner, they would therefore need to update their firewall to accommodate these changes.

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