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EasyCruit 16.8 Release



Visma EasyCruit continues to deliver customer value through its new releases, providing features that make the user experience more efficient and enjoyable. Visma EasyCruit 16.8 is currently scheduled for release on Tuesday 30 August at 17:30 CEST.


The process will last up to three hours. During this time there may be some unavailability of the Visma EasyCruit service. 


Features in the 16.8 release include:




New Branding and Visma look and feel

Available to selected customers to try out before the global release in October. See below for information on how to register your interest

WCAG 2.0 enhancements for the career site

  • Ability to clearly list any missed mandatory fields

  • Fieldsets and labels added to assist screen readers

  • Clearer descriptions when new windows will open

  • Better clean-up of phone numbers

  • Ability to highlight the current tab for screen readers

Available upon request to your Account Manager. Rework of career center components required

Additional mappings when posting vacancies through the integration

Available to all customers who currently post vacancies via

A number of solutions are also included in this release, details are listed below.

New Branding and Visma look and feel


The graphical design for Visma’s applications and services is called Nordic Cool. The goal is for the user to feel the interface – not see it. Thus we try to use a subtle, yet distinct design. We put a lot of effort on the details of the design to give the user the feeling of world class craftsmanship.


Nordic Cool 3 is our brand new framework for these design principles. The principles apply for all Visma’s products and services.


To see the design in action as well as register your interest to be one of the first to access this, please visit the following page:


WCAG 2.0 enhancements for the career site


The career pages in Visma EasyCruit have received some enhancements to ensure that they can be made compatible with the WCAG 2 guidelines. These guidelines have been created to make web pages more accessible. For more information about WCAG 2, please visit


More specifically Visma EasyCruit now has the potential to list the individual mandatory questions that a candidate might have missed when filling out the application form. This makes it easier to correct the mistake before continuing.

Fields such as ‘date of birth’ and ‘gender’ have also been enhanced with fieldsets and labels which improves the ability for screen readers to clearly assist users with filling out this information.

The previous functionality that was used for cleaning up the phone-number can now be disabled from the career center. Correction of any mistakes will instead be done after the candidate has submitted their application form.

An additional enhancement for multi-tab application forms allows Visma EasyCruit to clearly state the current active tab for candidates.


Finally, some sanitation of the HTML has taken place with the aim to improve its readability.


Additional mappings for the integration


Visma EasyCruit will now send over the department description in all languages when posting vacancies via, and as such greatly improve the functionality around multilingual vacancies.


In addition to this, the postcode for the address of the department will also be sent over, making sure that it does not need to be entered for each individual vacancy.




Solution number

Customer number

Issue description

Solution description



Unable to modify the content for ‘Vacancy approval’ emails




The ‘Continue’ link for saved applications does not appear in the language of the candidate





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