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EasyCruit 16.10 Release


Visma EasyCruit continues to deliver customer value through its new releases, providing features that make the user experience more efficient and enjoyable. Visma EasyCruit 16.10 is currently scheduled for release on Wednesday 26 October at 17:30 CEST. The process will last up to three hours. During this time there may be some unavailability of the Visma EasyCruit service. Features in the 16.10 release include:




New Visma look and feel

Will be made available globally to all customers

New unique Identifer for NAV postings Will be made available for all customers who use a direct integration when posting to NAV

A number of solutions are also included in this release, and details are listed below.


New Visma look and feel 

The new look and feel will now be made available for all our customers. During the last couple of weeks a selection of customers have been tested the layout and provided feedback. This has allowed us to further optimise the UI before this global release.


New start page with clearer sections


The graphical design for Visma’s applications and services is called Nordic Cool. The goal is for the user to feel the interface – not see it. Thus we try to use a subtle, yet distinct design. We put a lot of effort on the details of the design to give the user the feeling of world class craftsmanship.


More user friendly list and a defined work space


Nordic Cool 3 is our brand new framework for these design principles. The principles apply for all Visma’s products and services.

Improved navigation highlighting the ‘go-to’ action button


Unique identifier for NAV postings

To improve the integration with NAV we are adding a unique identifier to each posting sent over to them. This means that NAV will have an easier time identifying whether a published vacancy is new or whether it is an update of an already existing vacancy. This should improve the handling time for them and ensure that your vacancies and updates are imported quicker than they are today.


Please note that the following change only affects customers who post to NAV using the direct XML integration. If you currently post via email or are not sure, please contact us and we can make the swap for you. The direct integration is recommended as it means your vacancies will take priority over those that are sent over via email.


Solution number Customer number Issue description Solution description


Subject missing for approval emails in certain languages Resolved
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Visma EasyCruit Support

The Community allows you to log support cases (issues) and monitor their status. If you do not have accesss to the Community, please contact your administrator or EasyCruit Support

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