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Attach a Cover Letter

A Candidate Forgot to Attach a Cover Letter

Unfortunately candidates cannot do this themselves. There are two options available - the Candidate sends the cover letter to you and you update their application manually in EasyCruit, or you ask the candidate to re-apply (and delete their old application).

Edit CV and Upload Manually

Normally when candidates wish to update their CV information, you can ask them to log in to your career site. However, candidates can only update information in the CV (the information that can be used across all the different applications). Information specific to the application within a project (for example the cover letter, project specific questions or additional attachments) cannot be updated in the system by the candidates themselves.

In order to change a cover letter for a candidate, the best thing to do is to save the candidate application to your CV database. Saving the candidate enables you to edit the candidate’s information on their behalf.

To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ask the candidate to send the information or attachments to you via email.
  2. Open the candidate in EasyCruit. Click Select future progress. Select Save application. Press the Execute button.

After saving the candidate, a new button appears to the right (see illustration below). Click the Edit CV button.CV1.png

  1. Multiple tabs open up. The tab called Application contains the cover letter. Click the tab and add the information required.
  2. Click Save and go to vacancy.


Apply Again

Alternatively, if you wish, you could also ask the candidates to apply again. Here are the steps for the best practice when doing so: 

  1. Confirm with the candidate that the application will be deleted and they will have to apply again.
  2. View the list of applications.
  3. Click the bin next to the candidate.
  4. Go to the start page. Open Deleted Applications. Select the candidate, scroll down to the bottom and choose Delete permanently.
  5. Tell the candidate they may apply again using the updated information.

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