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Collaborative Rating / Panel Review

Applicants can be ranked by people both inside and outside the system that are involved in the recruitment process using the Collaborative Rating feature.

Note that this feature may require activation. Contact the Customer Success team to find out more information.

There are different ways the ranking can be used:

  • Panel Review – can be used when you want two or more people (a panel) to give their evaluation of a specific shortlist of candidates. The people in the panel do not have to be users in EasyCruit. The result of the review can be seen directly in the overview of candidates as well as on the individual candidate page. The Panel Review further progress item will be available without needing to configure Collaborative Rating.


  • Collaborative Rating (if activated) enables anyone with access to the vacancy to rate and/or comment on candidates from the Collaborative Rating tab. EasyCruit then aggregates the ratings and displays all comments relating to the candidate.

After activating collaborative rating for a vacancy, recruiters can then choose specific users who should be sent an email whenever a new candidate applies to the vacancy in order to rate them.This is useful for specialised positions, and not recommended for positions with a high volume of candidates, as users may receive many emails.




Panel Review

To send shortlisted candidates to specific internal or external people for review

  1. Go to the vacancy and select the candidate (s) you want others to rate.
  2. From the Further Progress dropdown, select Send for panel review and then click Execute


  1. Select the internal and external recipients who you want to review your selected candidates by typing in the relevant fields. The internal recipients list is limited to users who are part of the department the vacancy is linked to.
    Please note that the list of internal recipients is suggestive, emails won't be sent out to the whole list,
    only to the person you pick from the list 
  2. Modify the From address if required. This defaults to the logged in user’s email address, but can be changed, for example to a no reply email.
  3. Modify the subject and content of the email as required. The subject and content of the email defaults to that of the template created by your Administrator (configured under Settings > Response Mails > Other).

The mail merge tags include the project title, how many applicants have been submitted to the reviewer for review, and the URL from which the reviewers undertake their review (reviewers do not need to log in to EasyCruit to undertake their review).

  1. Select the relevant tickboxes as required. The tickbox options at the bottom of the editor are:



Do not allow rating

Ticking this box means reviewers cannot provide a 1-7 rating for a candidate.

Do not allow comments

Ticking this box means that reviewers can only rate with numbers and cannot provide textual comments against a candidate.

Email me each time a reviewer completes

Ticking this box means that you as the logged in user receive an email when a reviewer completes the review of their candidates. For example if you send candidates to five people for them to review, you receive five emails in return.

Note that this could result in many emails if you regularly request a lot of candidates to be reviewed by a lot of people!

  1. Click Send.


From within a candidate record, click on Recruiting Activities List to display the date and time stamp of the email that was sent, and a copy of the email. The final column shows whether the recipient has completed the review (Yes or Pending).


Reviewers receive the email you sent and can click the link in the email to go to a unique page where they can review the candidates.

  Panel Review 3.png

Reviewers can click the name of the candidate to see an overview of their profile and CV. They can then provide their rating and comments as appropriate, and can click Send.

Panel Review 2.png

This marks the review as complete in the Recruitment Activities List for that candidate, and the requestor is sent an email advising that the review is complete if they opted for that service.

Viewing Ratings

  1. From the recruiting overview you can see that the candidates are now in the section called Collaborative Rating.

Panel Review 5.PNG

  1. Clicking on this item displays a list of candidates who have been submitted for review, and you can see the average ratings against each candidate.

Panel Review 4.PNG

Configuring Collaborative Rating

  1. On the first page when creating/editing a vacancy, select the Use collaborative rating for this project option. This will allow any users who have access to the vacancy and the applicants to provide a 1-7 rating of the candidate.
  2. To send an email to specific users whenever a new candidate applies, requesting them to review the candidate, from the Edit Vacancy page, select Collaborative rating then select the required recruiters.

configuring collaboratve rating.png

  1. Select the Include candidate's personal details and attachments option to send the applicant's details to the users who are taking part in the ranking.
  2. Click Save when complete.

Using Collaborative Rating

Ensure the previous procedure has been completed for the required vacancy.

Once an applicant has applied for the vacancy, an email is sent to the internal users who should complete the rating feedback.

The user provides rating feedback and submits it. To do so:

  1. Go to the vacancy and select the candidate you want to rate. Open the Collaborative Ranking tab.

collaborative ranking tab.png

  1. Click the appropriate star on Your Rating. The Average Rating is updated as soon as you do this.
  1. Any existing ratings are shown under Your colleagues rating.
  1. Add any comment you may have in the Insert comment box, or Reply to any existing comments if necessary.

using collaborative rating 2.png

  1. In EasyCruit, go to the Application Handling page and click the Collaborative Rating link.

Applicants have an average value in the Ranking column.

If you select the Name of the applicant and then the Collaborative Rating page, all of the ratings and all of the comments made by anyone who provided rating feedback are displayed.

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