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Candidate Report

The Candidate Report returns customizable details on the candidates who have applied for the specific vacancy.

The options that can be selected for a candidate report are dependent on your system's configuration. However, the process for creating the reports is the same regardless of the data that can be reported on.

  1. Select a vacancy then select the Candidate Report tab.
  2. Select the personal details and other criteria to be reported on then click Next.

Candidate reports for a Vacancy (1).png

  1. Select the candidates to be included in the report then select from the following Report Options, which provide the report with general information regarding the vacancy:
  • Show report title, Show date of printing, Show vacancy details, Show reference number, Show vacancy description, Show posting channels, and Show page numbers.

Candidate reports for a Vacancy (2).png

  1. Click Request report to display the next page of options and select the following as required:
  • Number of candidates to group per report - You can include up to 25 candidates to be grouped together. The candidates are then split into batches based on the number selected here.
  • Merge candidate uploaded documents - Includes documents uploaded by the candidate when they applied for the vacancy.
  • Merge candidate uploaded documents to the selected questions - Ensures that only the candidate uploaded documents that are linked to the selected questions and criteria will be included in the generated report.
  • Merge only CVs to candidates - Ensures that only a candidate's CV is included in the report. No other files associated with the candidate are included.
  • Do not merge candidate uploaded documents - No candidate uploaded document are included.
  • Merge recruiter uploaded documents - Includes documents the recruiter has uploaded for each candidate, in relation to the vacancy.
  • Include first page - Includes a cover page for the report and enables the following additional options to be selected and have those values included on the cover page: Report Title on First Page, Reference number on the first page, Vacancy title on first page, Vacancy description on first page and Vacancy details.
  • Include Statistics - Includes statistics for the number of applications, gender distribution and average age of the candidates.
  • Include application date - Includes the application date column in the report.
  • Include posting channels - Includes the posting channels that the vacancy has been published to.
  • Sort candidates alphabetically - Sorts the report alphabetically based on the candidate's surname, from A to Z.
  • Include name/age/gender... - Produces a table in the report that displays information on each candidate's name, age, gender, municipality, current position and if the candidate is at the Reserved status.
  • Hide applicants who have withdrawn their application - Ensures that candidates who have withdrawn from the vacancy are not included in the report.
  • Associate ranking notes - Includes the associate rankings and notes that have been made in relation to a candidate.
  1. Set the Report style option to Merge documents after each CV or Attach all documents after CVs.
  2. Click Request Report then wait for the report to be created.

Candidate reports for a Vacancy (3).png


Requesting Reports

To ensure that a PDF report containing candidate details for a vacancy is compiled and formatted correctly, users can request a report. The reports are built in accordance with how they are set up for a vacancy's candidate report.

Once reports have been created and requested, the My Requested Documents page is used to manage them. From that page, the reports can be viewed, deleted and update requests can be made.

Using the My Requested Documents List

  1. First request a report by using the Candidate Report tab for a vacancy.
  2. Select the Manage Requested Documents link in the My Requested Documents section on the right of the screen.

Using the My Requested Documents Page (1).png

Completed and requested reports are displayed in a list. The Explanation of Conversion column shows the result of the report generation process; if the process does not complete successfully an error message such as "Operation timed out. Please try with fewer candidates", will display here.

  1.  From this list you can:
  • Select the Name of the document, if the status is at Complete.
  • Select Delete to remove a document.
  • Click Update for documents that are in Pending status.

Using the My Requested Documents Page (2).png

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