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Creating a New Vacancy


EasyCruit provides recruiters with a vacancy creation process that is tailored to a company's specific needs. With that in mind, it is possible that the following procedure may vary slightly from your company's vacancy creation process. It is important that the EasyCruit administrator has configured the system correctly before creating vacancies.


  1. Select the New Vacancy quick link from the top of the page to display the New vacancy page. A progress bar will display to list the steps and show where you are in the vacancy creation process.
  1. You can navigate between steps by clicking the steps on the progress bar. Each step will only be active if that step can be performed. For example, the Departments and Contacts step is only active after the Title and Region step has been completed.


  1. Enter a Vacancy Title and Vacancy Reference Number and select the languages in which the vacancy is available.
  1. Vacancy Title is used to identify the position internally and is not displayed when the vacancy is listed on the candidate website. The option is available to display the reference number with the vacancy listing.
  2. For customers who have the Automatic Vacancy Reference Number function enabled, the number is automatically filled in by the system.
  1. From the Project Owner list select the user who is responsible for the vacancy.
  1. Select the required country from the Country list to populate the Region list then select the region and click the arrow button to move the region to the Selected Region list. Repeat for each required region.
  1. Select a Misc. Settings option if required then click Next to display the Select Departments page.

The Misc. settings options enable you to:

  • Include ratings and comments about a candidate (Use Collaborative Rating for this Project).
  • Use test results to provide feedback (Use Service-F for this recruitment, Use Matrigma for this recruitment, Use MINT for this recruitment, and so on).
  • Store candidate data relating to the application.

EasyCruit can then generate an applicant ranking list based on the feedback or test results.

  1. Click Next to display the Departments and Contacts  page.
  1. From the Select Departments list, select the departments for which the vacancy applies.
  1. If there is not already a contact person, in the Add Contact section enter the details for the vacancy's contact person and click Add
    - or -
    Click Retrieve to display the available users window, select the required user to automatically populate the Add Contact fields, and then click Add.
  1. Select Contact in ad for the user whose contact details are to be shown in the job advert then click Next.


  1. Select Sender for the user you want to be used as the default person for email communications.
  1. Select Notification for the user you want to be used as the default person for notifications of applicants.
  1. If required select Tick this if you want the contacts email to be visible in the published vacancy and click Next.
  2. If any questions have been added the Project Profile page will be displayed. Enter the required answers then click Next to display the Vacancy Ad page.


  1. On the Vacancy Ad page you can create a completely new vacancy by filling in the required fields or choose a template and click Select.
  • Vacancy Templates - This option provides a list of vacancy templates to choose from. For more details on templates refer to Vacancy Template.
  • Previous Vacancies - This option enables any previously created vacancy to be used as a template.
  1. Ensure that any vacancy specific details, such as titles and dates are changed to correspond to the new vacancy.
  1. Enter the following details for the vacancy for each language and click Preview to review the vacancy listing:
  • Company Name - The company name is automatically populated, but can be replaced if required.
  • One Liner - This is the tag line displayed above the vacancy that should draw candidates to the vacancy.
  • Vacancy Title - This is the title of the vacancy as it is displayed on the vacancy website. This value is mandatory.
  • Application Deadline - This is the last day that applications are accepted for the position.
  • Expected Start Date - This can be a specific date or a term such as "ASAP".
  • Location - The location of the vacancy.
  • Appetizer text and Vacancy text - This is the content of the applicant listing created using the WYSIWYG editor.


  1. When the vacancy details are complete click Next to display the Application Form page.
  1. Select one of the following new application form options or select No Form to include an application form with the vacancy listing on the website:
  • Complete Application Form - Only select this option if you want to have every value that has been included in the CV database for your company included on the application form. Selecting this can lead to a very large list and should only be specified for highly technical positions.
  • Select Application Template - This option provides a list of application templates that have been configured by the administrator. These templates can be set up to be position or department specific and reduce the effort required by a recruiter when creating a vacancy.
  • Customized Application Form and CV - This option enables the recruiter to create a one-off vacancy specific application form.


  1. EasyCruit can be configured to limit the ability to edit application forms. Non-administrator users may not be able to edit application form options; in that instance the application form is read-only.
  1. Click Next and where required select the options to be included on the application form, selecting whether they are to be Mandatory.
  1. Click Next to display the Screening page.
  1. If necessary, click Add Question to add a new screening question and complete the required questions as described in Configuring Additional Questions.
  1. Click Next to display the Response Mail page and click icon_pencil.png to activate the required response emails then click Save.
  2. Click Next to display the Posting page and select the channels you want to post to. If multiposting has been activated for your EasyCruit implementation this page will enable you to select the required posting channels as described in Multiposting.
  1. Click Next to display the Approving of Vacancy page and select a user from the Recipient list who is responsible for approving the vacancy before it can be published.
  1. Using an approver is optional. It is possible that your company's vacancy creation process does not include this step.
  1. Click Next then click Finish and Post to post the vacancy and display the Edit Vacancy page.

At this point the vacancy has been saved in EasyCruit and can be activated and made available on the company's website, or further edits can be made, such as providing other users access to the vacancy, or setting up Project Profile Questions.


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